Changing from a typical pet hair shampoo to a real organic pet shampoo resembles feeding your dog food with chemicals and artificial colors and determining to switch to a 100% natural real food diet.

You recognize real food is healthier and you know it will have a positive outcome on the long term health of your dog.

Feeding real food is a little more work than opening up a bag of kibble and pouring into the bowl. Over time you learn tips that help you feed your dog the healthiest real food you can afford.

Eliminating synthetic ingredients in our dog’s food is just as important as eliminating them in products that go on their bodies.

The most common cancer diagnosed in dogs is skin cancer. Exposing your dog’s skin to ingredients that have links to toxins year after year contributes to your dog’s cancer risk. It’s that simple.

Changing to 4-Legger organic dog shampoo is simple. We want to address your barriers to organic dog shampoo and overcome them so you can give your dog a truly natural healthy bath!

organic dog shampoo is thinner because it doesn’t have artificial thickenersThe first thing you will notice when you use our shampoo is that the consistency is thinner than traditional dog shampoo. It’s different, but when you understand that we’ve eliminated synthetic thickeners and fillers, the trade off is well worth it for your dog’s longterm health.

In our Cedar Peppermint dog shampoo, which is our natural flea dog shampoo, we used organic guar gum to make it thicker so it will excel at trapping fleas. The down side is the organic guar gum slightly lowers its ability to lather.We chose to not add guar gum to any of our other organic dog shampoos so they would retain their natural exceptional lather.

Using a foamer bottle when applying our organic dogs shampoo.If the thin consistency bothers you, we recommend using one of our foamer bottles.

Foamer bottles use air to make our shampoo look and feel more like shaving cream! You can easily apply on your dog exactly where you want it.

why does my dog feel tacky or waxy after washing them in organic dog shampooOne of the most common comments we get is their dog has a “waxy” or “tacky” coat upon rinsing. We noticed this ourselves as we were working on our product formulation. We also noticed it goes away after your dog has transitioned to a true organic shampoo.

Why does that happen?

The waxy feeling is from the build-up of synthetic ingredients on your dog’s coat and skin. Many dog shampoos work by changing the appearance of your dog’s coat by literally sticking on the hair. The look and feel is from the shampoo still being on the dog’s coat. It is NOT your dog’s natural coat.
After a few baths with 4-Legger the build-up of the synthetic ingredients will be washed away allowing your dog’s natural skin and coat to emerge. This short term transition has a massive long term benefit – the health of your dog’s skin and coat!

To speed up the transition, we recommend using our USDA organic conditioner.

USDA organic dog conditionerOne of our groomers said that instead of using conditioners, she simply washes her customers twice with 4-Legger! It keeps their coats safe and non-toxic and helps to condition their coat with our all natural ingredients – allowing the essential oils another opportunity to do their job!

We also recommend using our USDA organic conditioner for dogs that need a little extra conditioning.

get great lather with our organic dog shampooSome people say organic dog shampoo doesn’t have good lather. With 4-Legger that simply isn’t true.

Wet your dog down really well with warm water and apply a small amount of shampoo. Deeply massage the shampoo into their coat. If you want more lather, add more water – not shampoo.

An easy tip is to pre-mix a small amount of shampoo dog with water in a mixing bottle or a cup. This will also help you to avoid using more shampoo than is necessary.

concentrated organic dog shampoo saves you moneyA little of our shampoo goes a long way because it is formulated to love water.

Because you can dilute it, you use a small amount of shampoo with water saving you money. Dilution is not necessary- most of our customers don’t but having the option is nice for those who prefer to dilute.Changing to a true organic dog shampoo is very important since every ingredient that goes in and on your dog has a long term impact on their health over their lifetime. Making this simple change in your dog’s life allows their bath time to be safe and free from environmental toxins. We all wish our dog’s could live longer than they do. Isn’t it worth making healthy decisions that give them their best chance to live a long and healthy life? Of course it is and switching to 4-Legger is an easy choice now that you know what to expect and why!