Helping Your Dog To Calm Down

If you have a pet dog and you are wondering “How do I calm my dog when he is mad at me?” then you are in luck. There is a company in Texas that offers a variety of services to help you understand your dog’s behavior. My dog was diagnosed with a chronic behavioral disorder called, “Canine Distress”.

This is a problem that does not discriminate. It affects all breeds of dogs. Your dog’s anxiety response system is triggered when they feel their life is threatened. In other words they become anxious. How can you tell if your dog is anxious? Well the signs are just as varied as humans.

Do your dog whimper or howl when you leave the house? Does your dog becomes anxious and look for any reason to act out? Does your dog bark, chew, whine, jump, and urinate/defecate in places that other dogs don’t urinate/defecate in? If you find any behavior like this then you know your dog is feeling stressed out and in need of some help.

The idea behind My Dog is to create an atmosphere in which your dog has access to safe, secure, supportive, positive experiences (like running in his yard, going on walks, getting treated well, etc). Dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. What are these positive reinforcement events? Well there are several but a few include: having your dog sit while you feed him, spending time with him, letting him explore your house, petting him, playing with him, praising him, and lots more! When your dog has consistent support and positive experiences he will learn to calm down on his own.

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If you are having trouble understanding your dog’s behavior or if you think he is exhibiting inappropriate behaviors then you might consider joining a dog calm support group. There are many support groups for canines both in the online and offline world. One great resource for finding a local group is by searching your city using your favorite search engine.

You might want to do a quick check online to see if there are support groups in your area. Then call a few support groups to make sure they have the same goal as you – to help your dog calm down. Most groups will hold monthly meetings where you can speak to others about your dog’s behavior and get help from others who have been through the same thing. Sometimes just seeing someone who has been through the same experience can give you some good ideas.

If you are worried that spending time with your dog is too much time, then a weekly meet up may be just the ticket for you. You can still help support your dog while meeting new people who enjoy the same dog as you do. A lot of times I have noticed that when I am around my dog that I can actually relax more and not worry so much about how my dog is doing or what they need to be doing. All it takes is a change in routine a few times a week and your dog’s muscles will thank you for it.

So there you have it – two great ways to calm your dog. Try one or both of these suggestions to really work for you and your dog. If you think that your dog needs some extra help, you may want to talk to your vet about having them perform an exercise that will keep their mind off what they were doing to cause all the problems. Or maybe you just have a busy schedule that doesn’t allow you to spend time with your dog. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to provide proper calm support for your dog that will benefit him or her for years to come.